The Problem

Graduate school has become synonymous with burnout, and stress, and does not provide the return on investment it used to. While advanced degrees are still an amazing opportunity for many, the old systems to achieve academic success no longer work in the rapidly evolving world and higher education environment. This is especially true for Student of Color/Black, Indigenous, & People of Color (BIPOC) students who face distinctive issues such as racism, disproportionate dropout rates, higher debt burden, being under-mentored, and mental health concerns while in school.

The Solution

Based on Dr. Nelson O. O. Zounlome’s personal experience in higher education coupled with culturally centered research on the mental wellness and academic persistence among BIPOC students over the last decade comes Developing A Graduate School Thrive Mindset. Dr. Zounlome developed this dynamic system which led him to:

  • Earn over $250,000 in personal and research funding while in graduate school
  • Receive over 50 fellowships/awards including the prestigious National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, & Medicine Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship
  • Publish 10 publications- including 3 first-authored articles in peer-reviewed journals & presenting over 40 presentations at conferences across the U.S.
  • Actually enjoy graduate school while attending to his holistic well-being
  • Achieve his goal of obtaining a position as a tenure track faculty member at an R1 institution right after graduation

A Graduate School Thrive Mindset (GSTM) is a mindset grounded in developing and growing holistically while simultaneously becoming a competitive candidate for your future career. This course outlines the exact steps and processes to help students reach your own wildest academic dreams. This 2-week course is intentionally designed to help BIPOC students take ownership of their graduate education; thrive in school; save time & money; and launch a meaningful and lucrative career.

Course Highlights

  • Focus On Students THRIVING, Not Surviving In Graduate School
  • Asynchronous Instruction & Self-Paced Learning Designed To Be Completed in Two Weeks
  • Two Modules That Cover 1) Developing A GSTM Foundational Skills & 2) How To Prepare For Your Future Career From Day 1 Of Graduate School
  • 20 Dynamic Lessons With Specifically Designed Worksheets After Each Lesson To Help Bring Course Concepts To Life
  • Easily Implemented Before, Between, & During Semesters
  • Key Transferable Skills That Apply To Any Field & Career Path

Who Is This Course For

  • Students Feeling Stressed, Considering Dropping Out, Or Just Wanting To Increase Their Career Competitiveness
  • Students Who Want To Take Ownership Of Their Graduate Education & Thrive In School
  • Students Who Want To Save Time, Money, & Launch Directly Into A Lucrative & Meaningful Career
  • Perfect For Both Struggling & Star Students
  • Relevant Content For Academic Years 1-100!
  • Course Content Designed For Students To Use For Their Entire Graduate School Journey & Future Career
  • Includes Audio, Video, & Other Interactive Content For Different Learning Styles
  • Great Support For Universities & Programs Who Want To Better Support BIPOC Students’ Holistic Sucess & Well-Being
  • Universities Aiming To Increase Student Retention, Completion, & Job Placement Rates
  • Universities Wanting To Decrease Student Burnout & Drop-Out

Lesson Summary

Culturally Centered Content

  • How To Embrace & Center Your Intersecting Identities While In School
  • Effectively Dealing With Racism In The Classroom & On Campus
  • Building An Identities Affirming Social Support System
  • Prioritizing Your Mental Health As A BIPOC Student

Productivity & Organizational Skills

  • Identifying & Utilizing Campus Resources To The Fullest
  • Developing Practical & Easy To Implement Time Management Systems
  • Effectively Managing The Many Responsibilities Of Graduate School

Attaining Academic Sucess

  • Defining Your Personal/Professional Values & Goals
  • Effectively Managing Imposter Syndrome
  • Combating Procrastinaiton & Perfectionism

Confident Career Planning & Preparation

  • How To Prepare For Your Future Carrer From Day 1 Of Graduate School
  • Creating An Individualized Academic & Career Plan
  • Locating Relevant Awards, Fellowships, & Other Great Opportunities